Hair Care Tips

Drink Water

Drink a lot of water , this helps your scalp and keeps moisture in the cuticle, the outer layer of the hair shaft.

The Hairline

The weakest part of our hair is the hairline. (Baby hair) Use less tension during styling.


Trimming is great about every 6 to 8 weeks. Your hair growth will be slower if you hold on to damaged ends.


Brushing your hair stimulates your scalp, and helps with the blood circulation. Using a very slow and easy motion.


Use less heat if you are getting your hair thermally styled. Give your hair a month break in between, and use JUST GROW HAIR PRODUCTS. This will allow your hair to go back to the natural texture and help with strengthening the cortex, the thickest hair layer.


Always use a conditioner after shampoos. Your hair is very porous and it absorbs very well when wet. Great advantage to give you hair all the nutrients that’s needed.