What Is Just Grow?

Just grow is a product custom made by a hair stylist that has been in the business for more than twenty years. She has been an advocate for teaching women about celebrating, loving, and taking care of their natural hair. It is because of the special processing technique used to create a natural fusing reaction that this product has been proven to strengthen, thicken, and grow your hair. Most people live a very fast paced life and taking time to take care of our own hair sometimes is a challenge. Wearing weaves, wigs, and lace fronts are great, but don’t forget about what’s underneath! Let’s go back to the old days, when your Mommy would grease your scalp. Wasn’t your hair so healthy back then? I wonder why? If you are struggling with different hair issues try JUST GROW!


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Just Grow really works. It was the only product that worked to help grow my hair back after being pulled out from wearing a weave that was too tight. I also gave it to my mom to use for her dry itchy scalp. We both love it!

Inglewood, CA

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